The Geberit Bathroom Collection

Welcome to the Geberit Bathroom Collection, the new bathroom offering from Geberit.

Thanks to the various styles, designs and prices, the bathroom collection – which comprise of both ceramics and bathroom furniture – have something to offer for any bathroom. A wide range of washbasins, both with and without cabinets, and cleverly designed furniture with lots of storage space for every design requirement, make the Geberit Bathroom Collection a must for any modern bathroom design. Modern innovations such Geberit Rimfree ensure the products in our collection are unique and, above all, functional. Rimfree toilets are very easy to clean and feature an excellent flushing performance. Coupled with Geberit’s long-standing know-how, the Geberit Bathroom Collection is truly where Design Meets Function.

Take a look at each series below.

Italian design with simple, timeless elegance| Geberit Citterio | Modern bathroom design

Geberit Citterio

Italian design with simple, timeless elegance

Geberit Citterio combines puristic contours with organically flowing shapes, creating an unmistakable bathroom design. This premium bathroom series has remarkable originality, designed with timeless elegance and quality, reflecting the unique design hallmarks of the renowned Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio.

The washbasins from Geberit Citterio embody a simple and timeless elegance, the lay-on washbasins in particular offer a stylish appearance, whilst providing extra space for bathroom accessories.

With their round, flowing shapes, the Rimfree® toilets and bidets fit smoothly into the unmistakable Geberit Citterio design, offering stunning aesthetics without any places for bacteria to hide.

Completing the Geberit Citterio range is a selection of moisture-resistant bathroom furniture available in two wood finishes; oak beige and oak grey-brown, with glass fronts and taupe cover plates offering that finishing touch to your bathroom.

To ensure optimal protection and hygiene, all ceramic sanitary appliances in the Geberit Citterio bathroom series are sealed with Geberit KeraTect®.

Geberit Citterio products

Geberit Xeno²

Superior poise to perfection

Created by the designer Robin Platt, the Geberit Xeno2 bathroom series is synonymous with simple design minimalism. Clear geometric lines outside with soft, natural shapes inside basin boasting a perfectly coordinated product range comprising intelligent, well thought-through elements.

The Geberit Xeno2 washbasins have a narrow platform that can act as a storage area for bathroom accessories, with a hidden overflow ensuring the aesthetics of the washbasin’s flowing style are not disrupted.

Along with a clear design statement, all Geberit Xeno2 ceramics have the patented KeraTect® ceramic glaze, ensuring a particularly smooth finish, as well as Rimfree® toilet pans which have increased hygiene benefits.

The washbasin cabinets are elegantly designed without handles and provide maximum convenience with a high-quality push-to-open mechanism. The upper drawers of the washbasin cabinets are fitted with integrated LED lighting, which provides a soft illumination. Stylish illuminated mirrors complete the range.

Geberit Xeno2 products

Geberit Acanto| Modern bathroom design

Geberit Acanto

Designed to work for you

The new Geberit Acanto bathroom series combines everything that a modern bathroom needs in terms of sophisticated solutions. Ergonomics is taken to a new level, with cabinets at the perfect reach height for various family members and compartments of the right size and shape to store daily used products within an optimum reach zone. The designers have focused on mixing materials, from glass and metal to painted and wood finishes, to create solutions that can be mixed and matched to create a unique bathroom. The series includes a wide range of washbasins and bathroom furniture, Rimfree® toilets, bidets and bathtubs at a mid-level price point.

The Geberit Acanto bathroom series is a functional and innovative series with different washbasin types with hidden overflows based on the Geberit Clou system. The slim rim design gives washbasins a particularly elegant, slender appearance. Taking inspiration from the soft curves of the washbasins, the series also includes bathtubs with the slim rim design.

There is also a great deal of choice when it comes to the toilets and bidets- featuring the easy-to-clean Rimfree toilets – as the series offers both wall-hung and floor-standing options. The toilet seats, which can be easily removed at the touch of a button with the optional QuickRelease function, ensure ease of cleaning.

Geberit Acanto products

Geberit iCon | Modern bathroom design

Geberit iCon

The all-rounder in flexible bathroom design.

The Geberit iCon bathroom series offers an extensive range of ceramics and bathroom furniture in a clear and modern design. With its linear design it offers impressive versatility helping to maintain the illusion of space. The series incorporates Geberit iCon XS for small bathrooms with reduced depth washbasins, solutions for corners and bathroom furniture and mirrors that are perfectly adapted to small or awkwardly shaped rooms.

The aesthetics of the Geberit iCon washbasins are defined by clear, sleek lines along the outer contours of the ceramic. The Rimfree® ceramic pans are available in a round or square design, whilst the toilet seat is available with an optional soft closing function.

The bathroom furniture, available in oak nature, white alpine or lava matt, has a convenient self-closing mechanism, and offers generous and practical storage space, helping to create an individual and effective bathroom design. Three sizes of illuminated mirror complement the Geberit iCon series.

Geberit iCon products

Geberit Smyle | Modern bathroom design

Geberit Smyle

Harmony of lightness and sophisticated lines

Geberit Smyle brings harmony and lightness into family bathrooms. With its contemporary design and sophisticated lines, the bathroom series creates a relaxing bathroom ambience. A clear sense of order and efficient use of space achieves the highest level of convenience in any bathroom.

The harmonious shapes and narrow rims on the washbasins appear in contrast to the generous shelf surfaces. Whether large or small, with or without tap hole, as a double washbasin or handrinse, Geberit Smyle offers ideal solutions for all requirements in modern bathrooms.

Toilets and bidets continue the characteristically light Geberit Smyle design and ensure a harmonious mix. The ceramic form of the toilets and bidets closely follows the sophisticated design of the washbasins, with both standard and premium offerings, as well as Rimfree®

Completing the Geberit Smyle range is a selection of bathroom furniture precisely designed to match the washbasins and meticulously continue the contours of the ceramic design. With generous storage space on offer, drawers are fitted with high-quality soft closing as standard.

Geberit Smyle products

Geberit Option

Making the washbasin centre stage in any bathroom

Illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets are a real focal point in the bathroom. The Geberit Option series offers a comprehensive selection that help create a real focal point in the bathroom,

Illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets from Geberit bring soft ambient lighting to the heart of the bathroom, creating a warm, homely atmosphere. The illuminated mirrors are equipped with two vertical light strips creating dazzle-free illumination with larger mirrors also featuring a horizontal light strip.

The Geberit Option mirror cabinets also include two horizontal light strips with individual sensor control switches. In addition, indirect washbasin lighting is also integrated on the bottom edge and is activated by means of a light-touch sensor switch.

The cabinets impress with their all-round visual appeal and functionally with doors featuring internal mirrors and a soft closing mechanism. The elegant glass shelves are height-adjustable as required. An interior power outlet is provided for hairdryers, electric toothbrushes and shavers, whilst an integrated USB port offers recharging for other portable items.

Geberit Option mirrors & mirrored cabinets