Innovative functions from Geberit

Geberit has a long history of innovation, and we are always looking to make the bathroom as comforting as can be. From creating the first concealed cistern in 1964, to bringing shower toilet technology to the European market with Geberit AquaClean, we have been at the forefront of bathroom innovation for over 140 years. Other innovations include touchless flushing, wall-hung toilets and integrated odour-extraction, giving you freedom to create the bathroom design of your dreams.

Take a look at some of our innovations in more detail below:

Geberit Rimfree® toilet

Perfect combination of hygiene & design

  • Designed completely without a rim
  • With the Rimfree® design, germs and deposits have no place to hide
  • Patented flush technology ensures an optimal hygienic flush every time
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect combination of hygiene and design

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Wall-hung toilets are becoming the norm in the UK, especially if you want a truly modern bathroom design. They allow the cistern to be completely hidden, and gives you a choice of flush plates to add that finishing touch to your bathroom. Other benefits of wall-hung toilets can be found below:

  • Very strong
    Geberit Duofix frames have been strength-tested to bear a weight of up to 400 kg (63 stones).
  • Easy to clean
    With no pedestal and no cistern in front of the wall, it means that there is no place for bacteria to hide, and cleaning around and underneath the pan is simplified
  • Durable
    Installed 60 million times over the past 50 years, Geberit concealed WC systems represent the ultimate tried-and-tested solution.
  • Simple maintenance
    Maintenance is easy. Simply remove the flush plate for access to all important parts. Geberit stock spare parts for you for at least 25 years from the year of manufacture.
  • Individual testing
    Every Geberit cistern is individually tested to guarantee 100% water tightness

The toilet that cleans you with water.

Water is an integral part of daily personal hygiene. It cleans, refreshes and brings a feeling of well-being. In many cultures, it has long been natural to clean oneself with water after using the toilet, with more and more people in the UK being won over by gentle, natural toilet hygiene that uses water instead of paper. Geberit AquaClean offers you this well-being experience at the touch of a button – an experience that is beneficial, thorough and unique. Discover the toilet that cleans you with water and enjoy the feeling of absolute freshness and cleanliness all day long.

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Protection of the highest quality

Geberit has developed KeraTect®, a protective glaze for ceramic appliances, which ensures a beautiful surface, optimal hygiene and ease of cleaning.

  • An extremely smooth, almost non-porous, surface
  • The super-smooth surface prevents staining and makes it more difficult for dirt to stick
  • Long-term protection with a high-gloss effect
  • Geberit KeraTect® glazing is standard in the Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno² bathroom series.

  • The Geberit KeraTect® special glaze is applied in addition to the standard glaze and bonds permanently onto the ceramic at 1,250 degrees Celsius.
  • The surface texture of the ceramic glaze can withstand extreme stresses, such as those caused by abrasive cleaning agents.

Geberit bathroom furniture is produced using high-quality and moisture-resistant wood based materials as standard. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is used, as well as high-density chipboard, ensuring the furniture withstand sprays of water and moisture.

Nothing should disturb the perfect designs of a washbasin, not even an overflow hole. Geberit have designed the washbasin connector Clou – the prerequisite for modern design washbasins without an overflow hole – which is used in the Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno² bathroom series. Benefits of this Clou system include:

  • No concealed place where bacteria and dirt can hide
  • Smooth ceramic surface, so it’s easy to clean
  • No risk of overflowing