The Senses – Lighting

Helping you escape the pressures of modern life

Filmmakers and set designers will tell you that the right lighting can set the tone of the whole story. Your bathroom is no exception.

Creating the right lighting

Switching off from the brightness of the office or the glare of watching television requires being able to rest your eyes in a calm and relaxing space. Taking time for yourself is important, and finding the right space – a space that’s calm and gently lit – is an essential part of escaping from the pressures of the outside world.

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Illuminate the room

Geberit’s illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets bring soft ambient lighting to the heart of the bathroom, creating a rich, warm and calming atmosphere.

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Mera Comfort shower toilet

Designed for comfort and ease, the Mera offers a discreet light to guide you in the night along with a toilet lid that opens and closes automatically – and heated seating.

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Monolith lighting

Pleasant and soothing orientation lighting around the toilet makes it perfectly designed for practical night-time use.

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Our sensory experiences

Textures and fragrances

Relaxation can be increased from being surrounded by pleasing textures and well-designed ceramics that invite you to touch them. With the combination of refreshing fragrances and a sense of calm, Geberit bathrooms offer the perfect environment.

Luxurious textures and fresh fragrances


Managing the acoustics within the bathroom is key to creating a calming atmosphere. Geberit’s expert design specialisms (within the room and behind the scenes) ensure noise is isolated within the space.

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The Sensory Experience

We all lead busy lives; from juggling the everyday pressures of work, friends and family commitments, to spending hours on our smart phones and computers. With so much going on it's rare to switch off and take time out for ourselves.

How the bathroom offers the perfect sanctuary space