Product Materials

Sanitary Ceramic

Durable and maintains its good looks.
Sanitary ceramic by Geberit is extremely durable and perfect for almost every area of use, both for individual solutions as well as multiple-unit installations.

  • Resistant to temperature change and chemicals
  • Scratchproof and resistant to cracks
  • Fired at high temperatures, meaning that the glaze bonds with the ceramic ,which is made up of clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz – kiln-fired at high temperatures – to form beautifully shiny washbasins, WCs and bidets with enormous load bearing capacities.
  • Geberit only uses environmentally friendly ceramic base materials
  • Sustainability and ecology are a given for Geberit: all ceramic appliances in the product range are completely recyclable.

For special protection: Geberit KeraTect

The Geberit KeraTect special glaze is used in the Geberit Citterio and Geberit Xeno² bathroom series.

Geberit developed KeraTect, a special glaze, with the aim of achieving maximum hygiene and sanitary ceramics that are easy to care for:

  • KeraTect is fired at 1.250 °C
  • This enables the special glaze to form a lasting bond with the ceramic body
  • It offers an almost non-porous, extremely smooth surface
  • Dirt and bacteria cannot linger
  • Even when subjected to the harshest conditions, e.g. high-pressure cleaners, the surface structure of the KeraTect glaze will not be damaged

KeraTect lasts a whole ceramic life long

  • Reduces time spent on regular cleaning
  • Intensive scrubbing is not necessary
  • Reduces use of cleaning materials
  • Protects the environment in the long term
  • Geberit guarantees the resistance of the KeraTect special glaze for 30 years*.

*Geberit gives you a 30-year guarantee on the KeraTect glaze and therefore the long-lasting smoothness of the ceramic surface. This guarantee is limited to technical manufacturing faults. Other faults, particularly those caused by misuse of the product or external conditions, are not covered by this guarantee


An all-round material with a silky, warm surface.

This mineral material, which is made from high-quality natural materials and resins, fulfils the highest standards of durability and hygiene. Ideal for wash place concepts in hotels, restaurants, clinical workspaces and highly frequented sanitary facilities, as well as nurseries.

Extremely robust Varicor is both pleasantly warm and silky smooth to the touch:

  • Fully dyed,
  • non-porous material,
  • Easy to clean,
  • High level of resistance to chemicals and temperature,
  • Food-safe,
  • Stain-resistant,
  • Almost seamless connection,
  • Accurate installation to the millimetre,
  • Can be sawn, milled, drilled, ground, contoured and grooved,
  • Easy to repair, looks like new after professional sanding.